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Barbecue Pigs

Plan All your side dishes including buns, sauces and your supplies; including a knife, tongs and a couple pair of normal household dishwashing gloves to protect your hands from the slight heat and oil that come off the meat while pulling it apart and carving it up.

We will place it in a foil-lined cardboard box for travel. Your guest will be amazed when you serve pulled pork right off the pig like a pro!

Please give us 2 weeks’ notice! 303-288-8655 or tim@tymkovichmeats.com

A little BBQ Pig trivia: Roasted Pig in 6 different languages
Kalua Pua’a Sus ~ Hawaiian
Schweinebraten ~ German
Porchetta ~ Italian
Spanferkel ~ Polish
Cochinillo Asado ~ Spanish
Buzhenina ~ Russian
“Never eat more than you can lift!” ~ Miss Piggy
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